ELA Knows Custom
For over 75 years, ELA has established a reputation for design ingenuity and quality craftsmanship building large scale custom fixtures for landmark public buildings, resort hotels, casinos, and theme parks.

ELA's Custom Division is a joint effort between the customer and the manufacturer to create a unique product for a specific environment from concept through final installation. The customer will provide the initial vision, while ELA develops the design concepts, materials to employ, and manufacturing processes. Because of the longevity of ELA's internal staffing and 75 years of manufacturing knowledge, ELA is able to construct almost any custom request - Just ask us!

Elsie Dahlin, ELA shareholder, summarizes the success of ELA's custom division best - "'Custom' simply portrays that the product is not 'off the shelf.' If I may borrow from The Walt Disney Company, their depiction 'Imagineering' comes closest to a true description. Over the past decades, ELA has manufactured truly incredible products drawn from the visions and imagination of numerous design professionals in creating landmark public spaces throughout the world.

Year after year, ELA provides the drafting and engineering that are accomplished to assure we hold true to the design intent and safety of our products. ELA's decades of experience and the craftsmanship of our people help bring these amazing concepts to reality, taking extreme measures in capturing every detail. The constant source of pride and accomplishment of the remarkable people at ELA will never cease to amaze me."

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